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13 July, 2009

7th European Congress of CP 2009 in Paris


Community Psychology: common values, diverse practices

The 7th European congress of community psychology is taking place in Paris on October 29th and 30th, 2009.

It is proudly hosted by the the French Association of Community Psychology (AFPC) and the European Community Psychology Association.

For further information please visit:


Conference Report :

3rd International Conference on Community Psychology (3ICCP)

June 3rd - 5th 2010 in Puebla, Mexico


Here we will provide an inter-active conference report. An initial report of impressions from the conference will be provided by our Italian colleague Caterina Arcidiacono (info) soon. We hope, this initial report will grow, when readers (= you!) add their impressions to this participatory conference report.

We thus encourage everyone to use the 'comment' field below to add quality contributions to these impressions.